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Huck’s Fearless Forecast

​Oops. We just handed off up the middle again for no gain. 

I know. I know. I should let it go. It's just hard. In this space last week I stated that my biggest fear was that Jim Chaney would try to run the ball between the guards against a stacked line over and over and over and not utilize all the splendid athletes he has and try different ways to get them in space, which is exactly how it played out on Pat Dye Field in Jordan-Hare Stadium.  

But we are playing Kentucky this week—not Auburn—and we have them Between the Hedges in Sanford-Dooley stadium. Plus it's the weekend so What the Huck! Let's pick a few games.

Nerds at Duke.  The Blue Devils haven't really done much since Steve Spurrier was the new ball coach in Durham and there is no reason to think they will have an answer to coaching genius Paul "Fish Fry" Johnson's perfect option offense this weekend either. I am sorry to report that Jakettes win.
N.A.T.S. 34 Dukies 27

Virginia at Miami.  The people in Charlottesville want to tear down Robert E. Lee's statue. To hell with them. Mark Richt wants to beat Clemson for the ACC Championship and go to the playoffs. Richt wins another big game.
Canes 31 Cavs 17

Maroons at Bye-Bye Bret Bielema.  There is one good thing about this game for Razorback fans. It is one step closer to being the last conference game Bielema won't win.
Other Bulldogs 34 Sooie Pigs 14

Mizzou at Vandy.  I'm still trying to figure out why Vandy was favored over Kentucky. Tigers roar as Commodores have moved on to whatever those people do in the winter.
Missouri 38 Vanderbilt 17

LSU on Rocky Top.  Well, don't have Butch Jones to kick around anymore. I wonder if Phil Fulmer is doing anything these days. Tigers roar—part 2.
Bayou Bengals 31 Little Orange 14

Texas A&M at Mississippi. I hate it when two lame duck coaches have to play one another as the season winds down. There is nothing to make the game interesting except the cheerleaders and dancing girls. Old Miss redshirts Miss Americas so that should give them the advantage in that department, but if anyone other than the incompetent NCAA was in charge of investigating the sins of past administrations, they would be playing this game while on Death Row. As things stand now, however, who know? The Shadow knows!
Aggies 31 Rebels 24

Kentucky Between the Hedges. Please, Lord. Let my Dawgs show up focused and in a foul mood and let their brain trust—particularly on offense, Lord, use his. Amen. Dawgs on Top.
Georgia 44 C-A-T-S 14

Look for me Saturday. For one last time this season, I'll be the good-looking guy in the red shirt.

Darrell Huckaby

Darrell Huckaby is an author, educator and syndicated newspaper columnist.  Contact him at