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Huck’s Fearless Forecast

We started this whole crazy run in the heat of summer, full of piss and vinegar and hope that this year would be different, that this year we would finally win all the games we were supposed to win, along with an upset or two, and with a little wink from Old Lady Luck perhaps return to Atlanta to take on the Crimson Nation, with a chance to win.  What we got was drilled by Ole Miss, embarrassed by Vanderbilt, pushed to our limits against Nicholls and a mediocre record of 7-4 going into the last regular season game against The Enemy from North Avenue.

But it is the weekend, and not just any weekend, the weekend after Thanksgiving—Rivalry Week—so What the Huck, let’s pick a few games.

LSU at Texas A&M—This is the game that annually occurs while I am attaching Christmas wreaths to the front of my house.  I have to run inside for an occasional glimpse and then settle for scores being shouted out the door at random times.  Ed Orgeron could be in his final audtion for the head coaching job in Baton Rouge.  Kevin Sumlin could be coaching to keep from starting next season on one of the hottest seats in the league.  Anybody could easily win or lose this one, but I’m sticking my neck out and giving a lot more credit to that 12th man than he is probably due.  See you around, Ed.
Aggies 24   Tigers 21

Gamecocks at Death Valley (ACC Version)—A few years ago there was such a vicious fight at the end of this game that neither team was allowed to go bowling.  Clemson is very much in the hunt for a national title.  Carolina is playing for pride.  I’m thinking Clemson gets the win, but I think the odds-makers are way off.
Tigers  34   Chickens 21

Auburn at Alabama—The Tigers from the Plain will be the next team to learn that everyone else in college football is playing for second place and will be until Nick Saban has enough and just walks away—like Jack Reecher, hungry for the solitude of the open road.
Elephants  42   War Chikens 17

UF at FSU—Such another poor representative from the east in the SEC Championship game.  At least it isn’t Tennessee.  Gators go down.  Well, I guess that’s a given, but this week they lose, too.
Criminoles 24  Gators 14

Still laying the Foundation at Vanderbilt—The Commodores, by their standards, have had a pretty decent season.  The Vols, by their own lofty standards, have not. You’d like to think the Dorescould close their season out with a nice in-state win.  They are still Vandy.  They can’t.
Vowels  31   Nashville Navy 21

Maroons at Ole Miss—I guess this should be called the Egg-on-our-face Bowl.  I’ve never seen a team with such high preseason acclaim fall so far so fast.  Rebels will at least end this wretchedly disappointing season with a win.
Rebels 34  State 21

North Avenue Trade School Between the Hedges—The G.T.A.A. spent $35,000 on s study to determine why nobody goes to Tech games.  The results?  Tech ain’t worth a damn.  To hell with Tech.  Dawgs on Top.  Bet the House.
Georgia 27  Nerds 21

Look for me Saturday.  I’ll be the good-looking guy in the red sweater—getting escorted out of the stadium by two very large police officers after some pocket-protecting punk starts giving me grief.

Darrell Huckaby

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