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Huck’s Fearless Forecast

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. And while I am here, let me say that I am thankful for every reader for the past two-decades. I have run into people all over this country—and on foreign soil—who refer to the now not-so-good-looking guy in the red shirt and I know you are Dawgbone denizens. And isn’t it a great time to be a Bulldog? Turkey and dressing preparation aside, it’s almost the weekend and I need to pick the Egg Bowl, so What the Huck. Let’s pick a few games.

(Going into the final week of picks. Last week—2-1 straight up and against the spread. Season—47-23; 40-30.)

Ole Miss at Starkpatch.  Johnny Cash sang a song once about getting arrested for picking flowers and “they put him in the Starkville city jail.” I think Lane Kiffin gets out of town without getting arrested Thursday night. It has been a tough year for the Maroon Bulldogs and they will be glad to turn the page and star a new chapter. I still miss Mike Leech. Rivalry game or no, Rebels coast.
​Mississippi 42 Mississippi State 24

Mizzou at Arkansas.  Sam Pittman gets to come back for another year at Arkansas and good for Sam. He was a play away a bunch of times this year. Next year the ball might tumble the opposite way. Expect a tough game Friday, but the Tigers are a little too tough for the Hogs—which is kind of like the story of their season.  
Missouri 31 Razorbacks 24

Ohio State at Michigan.  I know, but why not? This game used to be described as two mules fighting over a turnip. Sounds about right.  
Buckeyes 3 Cheaters 2

Texas A&M at Bayou Bengals.  Speaking of can’t wait to turn the page! But LSU and even coach Brian Hear-my-Southern-Drawl Kelly have gone all in on the Jaden for Heisman campaign—and Kelly gets to decide who stays in the game for how long. It could be a long day for the Agriculture and Mechanical Institute.
​Tigers 42 Aggies 20

Kentucky at Louisville.  Little Game Mark could really help us all out by getting his team ready to play a decent game after the temperature dips below 50 degrees. He could silence some of the conference’s critics and deflate the All-Clemson Conference chatter that’s been going around. But he can’t. And he won’t.
Cardinals 31 CATS 18

Alabama at Auburn.  The Iron Bowl. I’ve been. I must admit, it’s a helluva rivalry. Prior to last week I held out hope that Auburn would make a game of it. After all, they gave us all we wanted when we visited the Plains early in the year. But then New Mexico State happened. Tide Rolls and we’ll see them in the Benz seven days later.
Elephants 31 Sybil 17

Florida State at the Swamp.  I’m calling upset and more clarity. 
Gators 27 FSU 24

Clemson at Cocks.  Sandman is the most overrated tradition in college football. Tyler from Spartanburg might have actually done a lot of good for Clemson’s season. Something got the Tigers back on track. Bowl games don’t amount to much outside the CFP these days, so Dabo will use this game as a springboard into next year’s opener in the Benz.
Clem 34 USC 22

Georgia at “Historic” Hyundai Field.  To hell with Tech. We’ve lost once in their pitiful stadium since 1989. SINCE 1989. ONCE. To hell with Tech. Dawgs on top.
Georgia 45 NATS 17

Have a great Thanksgiving. Look for me Saturday. I’ll be the good looking guy in the red shirt—and possibly handcuffs, being escorted out of the Joke by the Coke.

Darrell Huckaby

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