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Huck’s Fearless Forecast

Happy Hate Week, everybody. I find it strange that we celebrate hating Tech the same week we pause to give thanks for our many blessings, but maybe not so strange because beating Tech is always one of the greatest blessings of the season—any season. Speaking of blessings, earlier in the week the weather prognosticators were calling for a cold rain all day on Saturday, but their forecasts are about as accurate as mine have been lately and now it looks like we are warm, if not sunny, and dry. That’s great news for those of us who look forward to this Saturday above all others in the year. But the weekend is upon us—Rivalry Week-so, What the Huck! Let’s pick a few games. (Last week I only picked 3 games out of 7 correctly, straight up and against the spread. For the season I am 40-22 picking winners and 38 and 34 against the boys in the dessert—which means my head is barely above water and shows why they have marble floors in all those big casinos out there.)

Razorback Hogs at Missouri Tigers.  If there is one bunch I just cannot figure out it is Sam Pittman’s Razorbacks. You see them play one week and you think they could win the west. You see them another week and you wouldn’t pick them to win over a decent middle school team. Last week they just thumped Lane Kiffin’s Rebels a week after almost knocking off LSU a week after losing to Liberty. See what I mean? They will be just fine Friday afternoon at Mizzou.
Hogs 34 Tigers 20

Toothless Gators at Free Shoes University.   Call it Friday night fever. Billy Napier’s inaugural campaign started with so much pomp and circumstance way back in week one when the Gators upset No. 14 Utah. Now, 12 weeks later, Utah is still ranked 14th in the country and Florida is 5-6 and has lost to Kentucky and Vanderbilt and South Carolina and needs a win over their instate rivals to get a chance to go to Birmingham or Shreveport or some other glamourless outpost for a quasi-bowl game. Ain’t gonna happen. Later Gator.
Seminoles 38 Gators 27

Beemer Ball at (The Other) Death Valley.  The Carolina fans had Williams Brice rocking and Tennessee reeling last Saturday night and if this game were played in Columbia it would probably have a completely different feel to it. Clemson still has a chance to make a case for themselves as a play-off team and a big win over the Cocks and a bigger win in Charlotte next week appears to be their best chance, so I’m dancing with Dabo—but not thinking they will cover. But that’s just me. 
Clemson 34 Cocks 24

U of L at UK.  So, Saturday it is supposed to be 60 degrees in Lexington, which is 30 degrees—at least—warmer than it was last week in Lexington. Mediocre Mark Stoops will be trying to uphold the honor of the league where it “just means more,” after Florida and South Carolina besmirch the conference’s reputation by losing to FSU and Clem. A win would propel the Wildcats to a 7-5 record and propel them into a post-Christmas bowl game. I’m making the CATS a shaky pick.
 Kentucky 27 Louisville 24

LSU at Aggie Land.  Eight days ago, I really thought the Aggies would shock the world and upset Brian Kelly’s Bayou Bengals on their way to Atlanta. But then I watched them struggle to beat U of Mass by the paltry 20-0 score and just accepted the fact that Jimbo has made a total mess of this team. 
Tigers 31 A&M 17 

Tennessee at Vanderbilt.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Weren’t Tennessee fans cute back when they were insisting that they were better than Georgia, even though they had just been steamrolled by Georgia? Now they will be lucky, without their All-America quarterback, to win the Tennessee State Championship. I know you are wondering, so Joe Milton III is Tennessee’s backup QB. Vandy doesn’t have the DBs to press the Vols’ wide-outs. Unless the team has just given up, they will be fine.
Volunteers 42 Commodores 24

Wait ‘til Lane Gets Here at Tuscaloosa.  What time is it when an elephant steps on a Timex watch? Time to get a new Timex. What time is it when an elephant steps on a Cadillac? Time to announce Lane Kiffin is your new coach. Tide Rolls. But they still don’t make the playoffs.
Alabama 44 Auburn 21

NERDS Between the Hedges on Dooley Field.  I will admit that I often troll the Georgia Tech message boards, just because I enjoy the Jacket fans’ misery. This week I learned that many, if not most, of the pimple-faced nerds typing from their mama’s basements are just plain delusional. They are convinced that Tech’s win against a mediocre North Carolina team, coupled with a lackadaisical Dawg win on the frozen tundra of Lexington last week, ensures a Tech upset on Saturday. I ain’t making this up, y’all. They are saying that. I wouldn’t pull for Georgia Tech with two engines out on the team plane. Dawgs on top. BIG.
Georgia 42 North Avenue Trade School 0

Look for me Saturday in Sanford Stadium. I’ll be the good-looking guy in the red shirt, screaming “To hell with Tech” after every score—and meaning it. 

Darrell Huckaby
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