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Dawgs Throttle Cocks in Historic Fashion

I’m beginning to have a problem. I am running out of superlatives for this Georgia football team. How good are we? How bad is South Carolina?

Well, Oregon—the team we destroyed in the season opener in Atlanta—beat 12th ranked BYU like a rented mule Saturday. The team that managed one measly field goal against Georgia scored five touchdowns and a field goal on its first six possessions. I mean, I know you get in trouble fast by comparing scores. The old Kickoff newssheets we use to pick up during college football seasons had a feature called the Headache and Aspirin Department each week that proved the folly of such nonsense, but still—the beating Oregon gave Brigham Young provides some barometer of Oregon’s potential prowess against mere mortals.  

South Carolina might turn out to be a decent team when all is said and done. Who knows? But against Georgia Saturday they looked like boys playing against men.  

How did we dominate you? Let me count the ways.

First, there was Brock Bowers. Goodness gracious sakes alive! I don’t know which was more impressive. There was the leaping, toe-touching reception in the endzone following Stetson Bennett’s first upchuck of the day. There was the catch and run where he changed directions twice and outran Carolina’s secondary. And there was the end around romp into the endzone. All three made me very, very glad that the sophomore from Napa didn’t stay on the west coast to ply his trade—and even more glad that we won’t ever have to play against him.  

Speaking of tight ends, Oscar Delp had two catches and his first touchdown as a Bulldog and Darnell Washington had another catch. In all we got 8 catches and 168 yards from the tight end position. Don’t look now but Tight End U seems to be a thing in Athens, GA nowadays.  

And I wish Arik Gilbert all the good-fortune in the world, but to you so-called Dawg fans that aren’t happy unless you can find something to criticize and are trying to create controversy where there is none—leave that kid alone and let him get his life sorted out.  

OK. We have to talk about Stetson throwing up, although I don’t think it is that big a deal. I coached high school sports for more than 25 years and saw a lot of players—and a few coaches, including me—throw up before, during and after games, for lots of reasons. I’m not sure I ever had a player throwing up as he was throwing a touchdown pass and maybe that’s not exactly what Stetson did, either—but that’s the story that will eventually become told as the legend of the Bodacious Bulldog from Blackshear grows into myth.  

He did it. There. We talked about it.

I’d rather talk about the other things he did Saturday and what he has done this year. We’ll start with Saturday. He completed 16 of 23 passes—to about 10 different receivers--for 284 yards, and two touchdowns. He was also the leading Georgia rusher and ran for a touchdown. It was the third straight week he has thrown for and run for touchdowns. The last Georgia quarterback to do that was . . .

Hell, I don’t know if that’s ever been done three weeks in a row. Ask Jeff Dantzler.

On the season, Stetson Bennett has completed 65 of 88 passes. That’s a 73.9 completion rate. He has passed for 952 yards with 5 TD and no interceptions. And he’s yet to take a snap in the fourth quarter. Those are Heisman numbers, y’all.  

And to you nattering nabobs of negativism who like to point out that “Stetson throws a lot of swing passes and the yards come after the catch,” well, you are the same people harping on Arik Gilbert. Get a life. 

Carson Beck is coming along nicely, too, and I am glad that when he gets to play Kirby is letting him actually play. He runs the offense. He throws the ball. He doesn’t just hand the ball off and hold the score down. We’ve seen enough of that in the past. Let’s keep balling ‘til the last whistle. I like it.  

We gained 547 yards and scored 48 points Saturday and obviously we couldn’t have done that unless the anonymous stalwarts across the offensive front had been doing their jobs, so kudos to the big uglies. 

I know that we were all hoping that the defense would keep the Gamecocks out of the endzone and when we stopped them with 4 minutes to play, I thought we had saved ourselves, but the Carolina score should come with an asterisk. We were playing third teamers, with 50 seconds left. I felt horrible for the kid that got beat on the pass, but he got more personal attention from Kirby after that play than he might have gotten all fall. 

And this is a good time to mention how well-coached this team is. Remember when we used to get several penalties a game for late hits and hits out of bounds? Remember when we used to have to call random timeouts just to make substitutions or get plays called? Remember when we were plagued with sloppy tackling and an abundance of procedure penalties? Not anymore. Not anymore.

But, but, but---we didn’t sack anybody. If we don’t start sacking the quarterback, we are going to be in trouble.  
No. We didn’t sack Spencer Rattler. Not even once. But we hurried him 9 times and had six tackles for a loss and held the dude to 13 of 25 for a measly 118 yards, with no TDs and 2 interceptions. He had a QB rating of 26.2. Th defense got after their asses. 

We were a complete team Saturday and played a complete game. Georgia and South Carolina have been playing since 1984. Since 1894. 48-7 was the worst beating that either team has ever put upon the other. Glory, glory!

Saturday at high noon. Kent State. Look for me there. I’ll be the good-looking guy in the red shirt.

Darrell Huckaby

Darrell Huckaby is an author, educator and syndicated newspaper columnist.  Contact him at  

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