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Dawgs Trounce Spurrier in Beautiful Win

It was just like I was saying in last week’s column, after the Vandy game.  Coach Schotty has an incredible playbook and is better than anybody I’ve ever seen at mixing things up and keeping the other team off balance, and Greyson Lambert is the best Georgia quarterback since Francis Tarkenton.

OK.  That’s not exactly what I wrote last week.  And for at least a week, was I ever wrong!  Saturday evening was a thing of beauty.  Imagine, hanging 52 points on the ol’ ball coach—ironically, the same number he hung on the scoreboard the only time he brought his Florida Gators between our hallowed hedges.

Saturday night was a thing of beauty.

Greyson Lambert was—well, he was better Saturday evening, or at least more accurate, than any quarterback who has ever played a game in the history of college football.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.  The man who didn’t complete a pass in the first half of last week’s game completed 24 of 25 passes, including 20 in a row after a first-quarter over-throw that was most certainly intentional.  That’s a 95.8% completion record.  That’s not just a Mark Richt-era record or school record or SEC record.  That has never been done before, by any college quarterback.  Yeah, I repeat  myself.  Some things are worth repeating.

Lambert stood up and threw.  He dropped back and threw.  He threw on the run.  Everything he threw was on target and caught by a number of receivers.  Who has that many tight ends?  And when did my favorite children’s author Malcolm Mitchell become A.J. Green?  What did he have? 8 catches, 122 yards and a touchdown? I bet Dr. Seuss never had a day like that on the gridiron.

Sony Michel?  3 touchdowns, thank you.

Nick Chubb?  Just another day at the office.  21 carries, 156 yards and a score.  It was his 11th straight game over 100 yards and he became the first Georgia back not named Herschel Walker to reach the 2000 yard rushing mark.

Saturday was a thing of beauty.

And it all came against the Evil Genius who has loved, so much, to torment his old Georgia nemesis.  It could be his swan song in Athens, too.   If so, I’m glad we could give him a nice going-away gift.

The game wasn’t perfect, of course.  There was that one incompletion and a few times we allowed the Cocks to establish running lanes and move the ball.  They did throw effectively in short bursts and one breakdown in kick-off coverage put them in position to kick a long field goal as time expired in the half.  And our center did snap the ball short resulting in a turnover in the red zone, but our defense hunkered down after that and didn’t allow the visitors to move the chains.  And those guys in red will lay the wood to you.  Yes, ma’am.  They’ll hit you.

So from the Battle Hymn of the Bulldog Nation to the last strains of Tara’s Theme from the Redcoat Band, it was a classic September day.

And in other venues in other places they woke up the echoes in South Bend as the North Avenue Sweat Bees were exposed.  Somewhere in the great beyond the inimitable Dan Magill was celebrating a double-header sweep and Larry Munson was lighting up a victory cigar.  In Tiger Stadium Gus Malzone was contemplating faking a heart attack, spending a few months with his family and looking for a Big Ten job.  The Ohio State University was fighting for its over-rated life against Northern Illinois, of all teams and the ribs at Dreamland won’t taste nearly as good today for the Alabama faithful after Ole Miss went back-to-back on the once invincible Crimson Tide.

I thank God for Southern college football.   Saturday was about as good as it gets, at least in September.  Saturday was a thing of beauty.  Now we get a glorified scrimmage against a team called Southern in which our primary goal is to keep from getting anyone from getting hurt.  Y’all got this one.  I’ll be in Gettysburg, PA next week trying to get them to overturn the decision from the 1863 unpleasantness that occurred up there.  I’ll be the good-looking guy in the gray uniform.

Dawgs on top, 52-20.  Wow.  It was a thing of beauty.

Darrell Huckaby

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