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It’s Now a One Game Season

What can I say?  I’m not sure we should have been playing Charleston Southern, a school with only 3,100 students—especially a week before the State Championship game.  All I wanted was a win and for nobody to get hurt.  Unlike other games in other years when Georgia faced a lesser opponent, we were focused and looked like a well-oiled machine. 

Chubb was Chubb.  I wish we had been playing Kansas yesterday.  His 83 yard sprint down the sideline looked just like you-know-who against South Carolina, didn’t it?  How ‘bout Hudson Mason?  Once again he threw more touchdowns than incompletions.  That has to be some kind of a record.  Chris Conley looked like Lynn Swann out there and it was so good to see Jonathan Rumph begin to live up to expectations—and it was good to see Justin Scott-Wesley back in the fold—not to mention, back in the end zone.

I don’t know how well the defense played or didn’t play, but I know this—practice is over and the SEC Championship game is out of our control.  Georgia Tech—the mortal enemy—is coming to Athens Saturday and the team and the Bulldog Nation need to show up, and I mean really show up.

The Tech team will, I can promise you that.  The Tech fans will not.  They turned back about 2,500 of the 10,000 tickets they were allotted.  I don’t like Georgia Tech or anybody that does—not this week.  They are “The Enemy,” in the words of the inimitable Dan Magill.  He once told me that he hated Tech so much that he wouldn’t put mustard on a hotdog because it reminded him too much of the Yellow Jackets.  I feel just like Dan did.

He called them “squint-asses.”  He said they took 15,000 seats out of their dilapidated old stadium and still only got 30,000 people to come to the biggest games of the year.  He said the seats were squeezed so close together that the Tech fans have to squint up their butt cheeks to fit into them.

Think about coaching genius Paul Johnson and how smug he looks on the sideline, and how he berates his players when he screws up; how he throws them under the bus by screaming “lack of execution” every time his Mickey Mouse offense doesn’t work.  “We have bigger fish to fry,” he is sure to say after the Dawgs thrash his division champions next Saturday.

You know what Tech fans will say.  “We don’t come to Athens because the fans are so brutal.”  I had a woman tell me that she had been assaulted in Sanford Stadium “several times.”  I know for a fact that’s just a bold-faced lie.  They don’t come to Athens because they don’t want to see their team lose, as they have 12 of the last 13 years. 

One of my favorite memories is of the 2002 game when we beat Tech 51-7 and yellow was running out of the upper deck at half-time like piss being poured out of a boot.  Hondo Williamson famously said, “Somewhere in this stadium Dam Magill is saying, “”Come on boys, I believe we can get one more.’” 

If Tech were running against Barack Obama I would vote for Obama. 

I wouldn’t pull for Georgia Tech with two engines out on the team plane.

Jeff Danzler and Kevin Butler swear that if we don’t beat Tech there won’t be a Christmas this year.

This is supposed to be clean old-fashioned hate and we need to bring it Saturday, y’all.  Several bad things could happen.  We could take them for granted as a team and a fan base and get our butts beat.  We could.  Ask Ole Miss if an underdog can win.   Our players could put too many eggs in the Arkansas basket and have a let-down if the Razorbacks don’t win Friday. 

No complacency, y’all.  Get up early Saturday morning and come to Athens.  Tickets will be available on the bridge.  Lots of tickets.  Cheap.  Come buy them up.  Wear red and fill the stadium.  Make noise.  Put up or shut up.  Show you are real Georgia Bulldog.  Help the team get fired up and make a mockery of the All-Cupcake Conference.  Send the seniors out in style.

We need a win, y’all.   We need to line up and Get After Their Asses.  Everybody needs to help.  I’ll be there—loud and proud.  Look for me.  I’ll be the good-looking guy in the red shirt, the one that proclaims “To Hell With Tech.”

I’ll mean it, too.

Darrell Huckaby

Darrell Huckaby is an author, educator and syndicated newspaper columnist.  Visit his website at
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