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Ho Hum, Another Blowout Win

42-7 at the half. 42-7. And all it did was piss Nick Saban off enough to make him one-up us by outscoring Ole Miss 49-7 in the first half. Can you say collision course for December 1? Yes, I’m counting a lot of ducks, but damn!

Now honesty compels me that I was sitting in a hotel room in Gettysburg, PA watching Georgia annihilate Middle Tennessee on my computer through the magic of something my son, Jackson, calls streaming. And I will admit that I had one eye on my second favorite team that was actually playing on broadcast TV. This week my second favorite team just happened to be Pittsburgh and the Panther’s coach, Pat Narduzzi, gave one of my favorite post-game interviews of all time after his team beat Georgia Tech 24-19. He said, “We made a lot of mistakes out there today and won’t win making those mistakes against a good team.”


But back to the action between the hedges. Georgia didn’t seem quite as focused as last week but how can you be when you are playing a team you had to pay $1.7 million to show up. There were some penalties and a lack of concentration that had been missing the first two weeks of the season that doesn’t need to be missing next Saturday when we kick off shortly after brunch in Deadsville, MO.  

But these Dawgs got game. And players. These Dawgs got so many players that Jake Fromm can go 10 of 12 for 128 yards and 3 TDs and sit out the second half. One reason I hate college football fans. A random Georgia guy comes up to me Saturday evening—one that hasn’t seen or heard one snap of the game, mind you—and says, “My son said that Jake Fromm got benched and that Justin Fields showed him up.”

God created idiots for practice, then he created college football fans. Yes, Fields looked great with his 6/8 passing for 99 yards and his first rushing touchdown, but we don’t have a quarterback controversy at Georgia, y’all, and we don’t need low information fans to try and create one, either. Not that anything any of us say or do could creep past the security insulating Kirby Smart’s players from the world.

We don’t have a running back controversy, either, but we have a stable of running backs. Every Dawg has his day and Elijah Holyfield had his Saturday. 8 carries. 100 yards. 1 TD. The TEAM. 35 for 261. Not bad for playing the second half with the brakes on.

How good is Mecole Hardman? How can he hurt you? Let me count the ways. He can catch the ball. Only 4 times Saturday for only 21 yards, but one was a TD. He can run back punts. The one he took to the house was a thing of beauty.  

I liked the long pass Holloman reached up to pull down without breaking stride. And two weeks and two interceptions for Deandre Baker. Can you say All America in the making?

According to the guys on the Georgia broadcast team, Kirby Smart was upset with his defense. I don’t blame him. They gave up a touchdown, not to mention 288 yards. Sarcasm, Shelton.

But the bottom line here is—and you all know that it is true—we don’t have any idea how good we really are, because we haven’t been tested. We have devoured two cupcakes. We know we have a lot of good athletes and that MTSU and Austin Peay have no business on the field with those players. We could have beaten either 99-0 if we had set out to do so.  

We know we devoured South Carolina on a blazing hot day in Williams-Brice Stadium, but we don’t know how good South Carolina is. They beat up on a bad team their first game and Saturday’s match with Marshall was cancelled.  

So we continue to march through the schedule, hoping to answer questions as we go. Next on the agenda, Missouri. Derek Dooley is their OC and they have a brilliant quarterback who seems to have been playing since the leather helmet days. Grayson Lambert was Georgia’s quarterback when Drew Lock started playing against the Dawgs. Lock passed for 375 yards as Mizzou edged winless Purdue 40-37 Saturday night. The Boilermakers, by the way, have also lost to Eastern Michigan and Northwestern. Mizzou’s defense gave up 575 yards passing.

So look for me in that other Columbia next week. I’ll be the good-looking in the red shirt. And if you have any extra SEC Championship tickets, I’m looking.

Darrell Huckaby

Darrell Huckaby is an author, educator and syndicated newspaper columnist.  Contact him at  

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