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Champ has big day vs. LSU in 1998
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Do you have any old school Dawg photos?

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#34 debuts in Knoxville
Robert Edwards 1995
Tim Worley runs past Florida in 1985
Whippin' the Gators 1989
Adam Meadows 1995
Kentucky can't catch Garrison Hearst in 1991
Lars Tate runs by Tech
The Dawgs take on UNC in the 1972 Gator Bowl
Freshman Herschel breaks out vs. A&M
Bruce Thornton takes it to the house in the 03' Sugar Bowl
Andy Johnson leads Dawgs to 11-1 record in 1971
Mr. Walker
Cassius Osborn & Troy Sadowski celebrate vs. Cocks
Dawgs vs. Arkansas in the 1969 Sugar Bowl
#34 vs. the Gators in 1982
Dawgs over Florida 1987